Speakeasies are open again and easier to find than ever.

Photo by Louis Hansel

Concert venues, breweries, and cocktail bars line the south side of downtown Phoenix, but the place to be on a Saturday night is an unassuming pizza shop on Van Buren Street. Ziggy’s Magic Pizza Shop is retro, yet understated, serving greasy New York-style slices on tissue paper and paper plates. It’s not a tourist attraction, an Insta-worthy spot, or a top pizza destination — and yet the line into the building extends well past its doors.

When you go to Ziggy’s on a weekend after 9 p.m., odds are you’re not lining up for the cash register. You’re looking for…

The K-pop group’s massively successful single continues the story of Asian assimilation in the U.S.

Photo by Oğuz Şerbetci

The xenophobic violence that rose with the coronavirus outbreak wasn’t enough to stop Asian entertainers from breaking barriers in 2020. From Awkwafina’s historical Golden Globes win to Parasite’s widely applauded Oscars domination, the year began as a celebration of Asian — especially Korean — culture. And as we began holing up in our homes and putting on our masks, K-pop group BTS continued its chart-climbing success, ultimately debuting at №1 with “Dynamite.”

But “Dynamite” — BTS’ first all-English song — presents the question of whether Korea’s boy bands and girl groups will always need to succumb to a Westernized fate…

3 leaders who transformed the world beyond their field

Success is never reached alone.

Whether you’re in design and development or running the best damn taco stand in all of Arizona, you were inspired. You were inspired by the support of your clients, the trends of your time and the passion that drives you. And you were likely influenced by someone who turned your wildest dreams into can-do stories.

We’re honoring the leaders who have influenced our careers, our work and who we are as people. These are our first three:

Angel Anderson

A UX designer turned CEO

Nearly three years ago, boy band One Direction announced their split and broke millions of teenage hearts. But the lesser known and arguably greater tragedy of the day occured in newsrooms around the world. There, copywriters chuckled to themselves, “One Direction went in… different directions.”

Imagine this: It’s the 21st century and the Mona Lisa is no longer the breadwinner of the da Vinci family. In fact, da Vinci is completely irrelevant. He lost his market share in The Louvre, and you’ll never believe who took his place. It’s a new painter who is being hailed as brilliant — a man who painted a painting of the Mona Lisa.

The situation isn’t as ridiculous as it may seem. This is reality in the digital world. Originals are no longer worth $100 million. Or maybe they are. …

The way we think influences the way we do things, and copy is the funnel in between — or at least it can be.

Psychology has much more to do with effective copywriting than you’d think. While integrating science into your work may sound like a reduction of creativity, it can actually maintain your creative thinking while boosting your company’s marketability.

Here are three psychology concepts we love to use:

Pattern Recognition

As humans, we are naturally inclined to predict and explain. We see feathered creatures spread their wings and know they’re birds. We spot friends in grocery stores and expect them…

How to onboard faster, manage like a pro and communicate like a boss with online tools

When you’re a nonprofit, your mission is to make an impact. You put your best resources and your wholehearted effort into directly helping those in need. But sometimes, you need support too.

Making your volunteer process as easy as possible — in person and online — is essential to receiving the support you need. From onboarding to getting into action, volunteers seek to make the biggest impact in the easiest and most rewarding ways possible.

Thanks to all the free and discounted tools available…

Emily Liu

Freelance business + marketing writer | Ghostwriter everywhere but here | PHX, AZ 🌵

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